About v-speaks

V-Speaks is the outreach Public Speaking service offered by Mission One USA, featuring Principal Speaker Vicki Cruz E. V. With vast experience addressing educators, parents, and students, Vicki Cruz E. V. delivers engaging and motivational speeches. We provide keynote speakers to educate and inspire audiences. Our standard speech duration is 45 minutes, but we are flexible and can customize presentations to suit your organization’s specific needs.

About vicki cruz e. v.

Vicki, the visionary founder of Mission One USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicates herself to serving the underserved population through comprehensive wrap-around services.

In addition to her role as a certified life coach, ordained officiant, skilled mediator, and motivational speaker, Vicki served as a wrap-around specialist at Wainwright Elementary during the challenging times of COVID.

Recognizing the despair among children during this challenging period, Vicki skillfully leveraged her diverse expertise, particularly in working with the underserved demographic, to conceive HERO.

This groundbreaking program has emerged as a beacon of hope, specifically tailored to address the unique needs of students. The success of HERO has transcended its initial scope, now extending its positive impact to other domains, including churches, schools, community groups, and school aftercare programs. HERO is not just a program; it's a transformative force reaching beyond boundaries to uplift and empower communities across various sectors.

About Victor Escalante

Victor brings a wealth of expertise and insight as a public speaker. Teaming up with Vicki, they form a dynamic duo offering dual perspectives on the signature HERO Children's Program. Victor is highly sought after by various groups and organizations to share his knowledge on personal development, the HERO initiative, and unlocking human potential.


At Mission One USA, we believe that every individual has the power to make a positive impact in their community. We offer several ways for you to get involved and be part of the change you want to see. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer your time and skills, or provide in-kind donations, your support is essential to helping us sow the seeds of security and create a safer and more prosperous community for all. Join us today and make a difference!

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