About Mission One USA

Our Mission

Mission One USA aims to “Sow the Seeds of Empowerment, One SEED at a Time,” symbolizing its dedication to fostering a strong and prosperous community in Houston. The SEED acronym signifies:

Through our tailored educational programs and empowerment initiatives, we strive to instill a sense of resilience, independence, and forward momentum within our community. By focusing on education as a catalyst for change, we aim to disrupt the cycles of adversity and provide a pathway for individuals to create sustainable improvements in their lives, ultimately fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

Our Vision

At Mission One USA, our approach centers on empowering underserved Houston residents to break the cycle of generational dysfunction. Through resource mobilization, we merge compassion with tangible support, providing a robust network of essential tools and provisions for providing relief.

We offer everything from basic necessities to specialized assistance, aiming to empower individuals and groups with the resources necessary for thriving. Volunteer engagement is at the core of our operations, with our vibrant volunteer community serving as the heartbeat of Mission One USA. Volunteers connect with organizations in need, fostering unity and service regardless of the time they can spare.

Education is a cornerstone of our mission. We believe knowledge is power and actively empower residents in shelters, families, schools, faith-based groups, and beyond through workshops, training sessions, and accessible online resources. Our goal is to create a lasting impact by fostering community for positive change, empowering residents to thrive beyond limitations.

Our Goals

Our goals at Mission One USA serve as the guiding principles steering our efforts. We are committed to empowering communities and individuals in need while advocating for social justice and equality for all. Through the pursuit of ambitious objectives and unwavering dedication, we aim to catalyze lasting change within the communities we serve.

Empower the community
Build bridges of solidarity
Foster resilience
Build partnerships
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Our Team

Comprised of dedicated individuals, our team at Mission One USA is united by a shared commitment to our mission. With each member boasting decades of experience in public service, social policy making, education, and community relations, our team brings a wealth of expertise to drive our initiatives forward.
This collective experience enables us to effectively navigate diverse sectors and spearhead impactful programs for the communities we serve.

Vicki Cruz


The visionary founder of Mission One USA. She is a certified life coach, ordained officiant, skilled mediator, and motivational speaker, boasting over a decade of experience dedicated to helping individuals unlock their true potential.

Victor Escalante

Vice President

As the co-founder of Escalate Performance Solutions, a reputable management and training company, Victor has demonstrated his expertise in developing strategies for organizational enhancement and growth.

Stephanie Marshall


A professional organizer and owner of Zensational Organizing is a native Houstonian. She was raised in the Houston Heights by her Mexican mother and Anglo-American father.

Jaleel Manns

CEO and Founder of High Velocity Global

Jaleel Manns is the esteemed CEO and Founder of High Velocity Global, a pioneering digital marketing agency headquartered in Houston, Texas. Established in 2009, High Velocity Global stands as a testament to Jaleel's unwavering commitment to excellence in online marketing.

Lucy Gonzales

Veteran´s Community Advocate

Lucy serves as the Veterans Community Advocate. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, by a WWII and Korean War veteran father and a mother from Italy, she is the second youngest of 11 children.

Nora Olivo

Women's Advocate

Nora serves as the Women's Advocate of Mission One USA. Her passion lies in serving the community and giving back. Additionally, she serves on the Advisory Board for the HERO Program.

Our Legacy

Founded in 2001, Mission One USA has established a profound legacy centered on cultivating security and support for communities in need. Our mission encompasses collaborating with various government agencies, aligning key stakeholders to create a
robust safety net for individuals facing hardship. Rooted in compassion, innovation, and collaboration, our work spans across sectors, uniting stakeholders to build a stronger and more inclusive safety net for those requiring assistance.

Our Partners

At Mission One USA, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community. We recognize that our mission cannot be achieved alone, and we value the partnerships we have formed with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion for serving others. Our partners are an integral part of our success and help us to achieve our goals of promoting education, supporting immigrants, combating human trafficking, and addressing homelessness.

Join us in our mission to make a difference in our community

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